South Korean designer Choi Bin is the talent behind Serendipity in Seoul, specialising in delicate, solid sterling silver, and rose gold jewellery.

Choi studied metal and jewellery arts and worked as a jewellery designer for eight years before setting up her own studio in Seoul in 2016. Her aim is to design fun and creative jewellery.  Some of her pieces are typically Korean in that they are fashionable and consumer-led, following the latest trends; and some are more thoughtful, and reflect her love of nature – be it a flower, a leaf or celestial bodies such as stars.

Choi proves that Korean jewellery need not mean mass produced items.  She crafts by hand in her own studio using carefully sourced metal, crystals, and freshwater pearls from trustworthy suppliers.  She has control over her supply chain and sells through channels that recognise the talent behind her craft.

Her trademark, minimalist brushed geometric stud earrings come as a set of six, to be worn individually or as mismatched pairs.  Necklaces feature a single Swarovski pearl and tiny, cut-out star; while her rings with simple white or black squares and rectangles can be worn alone or stacked. 

Choi crafts each piece by hand using a variety of techniques including cutting, shaping, engraving, plating, stamping and pave setting. Her handiwork and attention to detail are meticulous.