French designer Melodie Tellie, of SlinkyLinks, makes earrings and necklaces from reclaimed leather including 60s-inspired, chain-link, white drop-earrings and necklaces; tan and grey leather tassels; and versatile studs.

After graduating with an MA in psychology, Melodie moved from Paris to London to train as a shoemaker.  She spent two years working in this industry where she became disheartened by the amount of good quality leather wasted during the crafting process.  Using scraps from the workshop floor she started making jewellery, creating eco-friendly-yet-luxurious pieces.  SlinkyLinks was launched in 2013. 

Melodie works with 100% reclaimed leather without compromising on design, style or quality.  “Working with leather is so rewarding,” she says.  Leather is flexible but tough and it comes in so many different colours and textures that the possibilities are endless, resulting in a range of stunning versatile designs.

The leather itself dictates design.  “I have to work with what I have; however small or quirky the bits, I have to create something from it. I love the challenge,” Melodie says. Efficiency is paramount.  She plans her leather use in detail, mapping out designs and using a range of cutting tools, determined to make the most out of each offcut.   Hyperallergenic stainless steel and 14K gold complement the leather and are both durable in nature.  

Once an idea is born, Melodie lays different leathers out, plays with texture and colours, and experiments with different designs until she is happy.  She then designs, cuts and assembles.

Tassels are still big news in the world of fashion and Slinkylinks’ use of reclaimed leather injects glamour.  Being fashion and eco-conscious can indeed go hand-in-hand.