Sarah Law and Matt Arnold are the duo behind Sugar and Vice.  They create laser-cut, mirrored-silver, acrylic skull drop earrings and red, black and gold glitter heart studs.  Their designs are kitsch, quirky and eye-catching.

Sarah and Matt met in 2006 having spent a year talking online.  Sarah moved from Manchester to Canterbury where Matt had studied for a science degree at the University of Kent.  Both in unfulfilling jobs, and keen to make use of their design skills, they saw a gap in the market for exciting, affordable jewellery.  They started making jewellery from plastic and metal charms and reclaimed, up-cycled materials. Sugar and Vice was born in 2007.

The business has since grown steadily and organically and has gone from needing one laser cutting machine to three.  The couple worked from home until recently, when lack of space dictated a move to a separate studio on a business park just a short walk from home. 

Sarah and Matt are both self-taught laser cutters and they assemble together.  Matt deals with custom design work, logistics, accounting and web design; Sarah takes on the remaining design work, social media management, and correspondence.

Acrylic is durable, strong, clear and versatile.  It can be cut into intricate designs; tinted, coloured, mirrored or made opaque; and this can all be done quickly.  “The beauty of working with this medium is that we can have an idea, create a design and see it come to life all within the same day. It’s very exciting,” says Sarah.  Inspiration is often drawn from the material itself – faced with a colourful acrylic, for example, Sarah and Matt cut designs based on whatever that particular colour brings to mind.

A recent career highlight is Miley Cyrus wearing one of their designs. “There I was minding my own business, when quite by chance I came across an Instagram post, a regram from Miley’s mum.  I quickly honed in on the ring she was wearing and realised it was one I’d made at my desk only a week earlier. I let out a scream and got on the phone to Matt straight away,” Sarah says.

Sugar and Vice’s colourful and eccentric jewellery will be noticed and get you noticed.