Wild Juniper is co-owned by friends Rachael Burnett and Erin Talley.  The duo create pretty necklaces for young girls with tassels and painted beads in exciting colours – coral, aqua, grey, turquoise, purple, even bronze.  Their house style is bohemian, on trend, and all pieces are lightweight and easy to wear.  

Rachael and Erin are both mothers of young children and started working together in 2011, making jewellery and hair accessories at home during to sell on Etsy.  The business grew organically and they now design and craft from their shop and studio in Liberty, Missouri.  “We dreamed up this far-fetched idea of starting our own business, and it has been surreal to watch it come to fruition,” Erin says.

Rachael focuses on hair accessories while Erin specialises in jewellery, but they stress that it is all a collaborative effort – they design and craft together.  Inspiration is drawn from everyday life, so ideas are often formed outside the studio/shop.  “Then we just bring whatever we have to the table. Whenever an idea strikes, we write it down and go!” Erin says. Ideas are sketched and colour schemes are found by leafing through magazines.  Nora, Rachael’s five-year-old daughter, has an influence on their designs too – guiding them by her interests and what she is attracted to.

They hunt for unusual materials in thrift shops, secondhand stores, and vintage clothing boutiques.  Their work features fabric, felt, metals and leather that come from all over the world. Experimentation is an important part of the design process: the duo play and work with materials until they find the perfect colour and texture combinations. 

Wild Juniper’s necklaces are easy for young girls to wear.  The colour mixes of the tassels, beads and painted chains are unusual and striking – pink is definitely not the limit.