Leanne Jacometti is the founder of  Wildthings Collectables, creators of sterling silver and gold plated jewellery with an edge.  Their earrings – sold singly – are perfect for multiple piercings, and which make the wearer stand out in a crowd.  A cross hanging from a tiny hoop or a galactic ear jacket – the attention to detail is what makes these pieces work. We love Leanne’s bold mystical vibe; a necklace embossed with “You Are Magic”, a lucky coin earring, but she also does understated elegance so well; her tiny triple stud and chic, minimal choker add subtle punch to a look. 

Leanne was born and raised in Amsterdam.  She studied International Business at university, graduating with an MsC in Business Studies, Strategy and Marketing from the University of Amsterdam in 2011.

In 2012 she co-founded Trash to Treasure, an online destination for buying and selling pre-loved fashion with a story.  She then spent a year working for an advertising agency.  Leanne had been crafting her own jewellery as a hobby since completing her studies, and people loved what she made and questioned where they could buy. So much so that she decided in 2016 to design a collection and “go for it”.  Wildthings is now sold across Europe.

Her father is Indonesian (born on Bali) and many holidays were spent there. Five years ago on the island Leanne “stumbled upon a silver making family business” and hasn’t looked back.  She sketches her designs on paper in her Amsterdam studio, then travels to Bali to discuss the design with the silversmiths, ensure they understand each other, then samples are made by hand.

Leanne finds inspiration in clothing, nature and illustrations. She has an eye on the fashion world in Australia and the USA, and takes note of trends before they hit the Netherlands.  She’s also inspired by art exhibitions, food markets, startup pitches and industry talks. 

Leanne works from a collective workspace in Amsterdam surrounded by like-minded women, who share ideasgive constructive feedback and share resources (it’s called #workmode). In 2019 she opened the first Wildthings Flagship Store in Canggu, Bali and it looks beautiful. 

Wildthings Collectables earrings are seriously fashionable.  Multiple piercings are everywhere in London; and on everyone – from teenagers to ladies in their fifties.  Leanne has tapped into this trend perfectly, but with her own spin.  We love her benevolent Evil Eye earrings thought to protect; an eye defeats an evil eye.