Founded by Kelly Weinberger,  WorldFinds is a hub for fair trade jewellery crafted in India, Nepal and Africa.  Designs range from vibrant recycled textile earrings, necklaces and bracelets to more minimalist brushed gold, silver and gunmetal cuffs.

It was in 1999 that Kelly and her husband quit their jobs and set off to travel the world.  Their journey took them to many developing countries, and they were shocked by the poverty they encountered.  

During the couple’s time in Nepal they discovered the Fairtrade movement. Kelly was inspired by artisans she met there, and witnessed how buying through this channel could empower and support them, their families and their communities.  It was then that she decided to set up a brand of ethically sourced jewellery.  Once back in the USA, she established WorldFinds “to provide work, not charity, to artisans by finding markets for their handmade products”.

WorldFinds is a member of the Fair Trade Organisation.  Kelly and her team of seven work directly from Chicago with other fairtrade businesses, small families of artisans, and women’s cooperatives in India (for the repurposed textile jewellery) and Indonesia (for the sterling silver and plated pieces).  Artisans are provided with an income, safe working conditions, access to education, training, healthcare and childcare.  These long-term partnerships allow artisans to make their own decisions and control their own futures.

It also preserves precious textiles, local artistry, and traditional cultural techniques.

Production is sustainable.  Materials are recycled and repurposed – the Kantha collection is made from recycled kantha quilts.  Resources are natural and often handmade in artisan’s homes, avoiding the carbon footprint of a factory.  Kelly and her team recycle paper, packing material and boxes.

WorldFinds jewellery has a definite feelgood factor.  Each piece has its own personal story to tell and your purchase indirectly empowers a community.  Channel a festival vibe with their bohemian style, bright colours and patterns.