Ottoman Hands

Aylin Earrings


Bring the light and magic of the sun to your lobes with a pair of stud, hoop-shaped earrings beaming with spectacular rays. These intense designs are small, but impact-packed, their high-shine, gold finish echoing the celestial theme. Wear a pair to add a beachy, bohemian vibe to your day-to-day look, with a generous splash of Aztec goddess. The sun symbolises fertility, glory and life; all qualities that make these pieces a thoughtful, generous gift. Secured with a butterfly clasp, Aylin statement studs are perfect for layering with contrasting designs for a bold, decadent ear story. Ottoman Hands founder Deniz Gurdal is Turkish-born; her designs reflect her heritage, and are glamorous, maximal, and deeply romantic, fusing the spirit of the Ottomans with a modern, urban sensibility. Hand-crafted in Istanbul with materials sourced from Turkey and India.

21ct gold plated brass



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