Ceramic Bling Ring - Blue Mint

Ruby Pilven

** Following the wonderful feature in the Guardian's Christmas Gift Guide we are experiencing a fantastic interest in Ruby's work. Individually sculpted and hand-painted, no two pieces of Ruby’s are the same. We have many more of Ruby's Ceramic Bangles and Bling Rings (in a variety of sizes) in stock and we are working really hard to get images of each up on the site! If you're interested in Ruby's work please do send us an email info@arlettegold.com and we will reply within 12 hours **

Ruby's trademark muted pastel colours with eye-catching, 12-carat gold highlights make each ring pop, with a fresh take on traditional chintz. This piece is a really fun and distinctive statement piece. Handmade in Australia.


UK size P, US size 7.5

Type: Ring

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