Ottoman Hands

Esana Beaded Eye Stud Earrings with Chalcedony

£24.50 £49

The eye symbol has been used for thousands of years as a protective talisman. These gold beaded design earrings are particularly potent; each has a translucent white chalcedony stone set at its heart. The semi-precious stones are pale and milky, but with depth, reminiscent of sea foam or a lone summer cloud and represents honesty and generosity; perfect for a meaningful gift. Sitting boldly on the lower lobe, these large, statement studs are secured with a butterfly clasp. Ottoman Hands founder Deniz Gurdal is Turkish-born; her designs reflect her heritage, and are glamorous, maximal, and deeply romantic, fusing the spirit of the Ottomans with a modern, urban sensibility. Matching necklace and ring available, also available set with deep blue lapis stones. Hand-crafted in Istanbul with materials sourced from Turkey and India.

21ct gold plated brass, Chalcedony semi-precious stones



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