Wildthings Collectables

Gold Nightfall Pendant Necklace


Suspended on a stud chain and sitting mid-chest, this distinctive pendant consists of a small medallion, suspended at three points on an half-arc, embossed one one side with a traditional, beaming sun, and the other with a smiling moon and stars. The sun represents life, happiness, and abundance, reminiscent of Aztec and Pagan cultures, while the moon represents the divine feminine, time, and eternity. We love the playful, interactive nature of this design; flip your necklace around according to the time of day or your mood; are you feeling lighthearted or mysterious?  Suspended on a 45cm chain that sits just above the collar bone, this is perfect for layering with other Wildthings Collectables pieces for a jewellery-box pick-n-mix look, or wearing alone for more minimal impact.  Available in gold and silver, handmade in Bali.

Layer it up: with Wildthings Collectables Choker or Box Chain and/or with any of their 45cm (20") Chains.

18k gold plated sterling silver chain, 18k gold plated brass pendant

Chain length 45cm plus 2.5cm extender, pendant 2cm


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