Rosa Pietsch

Sunrise Bib Necklace - Pink Sky


Incense and peppermints! This bold, bib necklace captures the optimistic, carefree days of the late 60s and early 70s. The designs of the era were heavily influenced by the art deco movement and rainbow-bright pop art, and this statement piece has echoes of both styles. Rosa Pietsch’s laser-cut acrylic designs contrast textures; here you’ll find marbled shades of pink with flashes of amber and orange mirror combined with caramel and pale peach. All the colours of a hazy San Francisco evening. The necklace combines a disc with a sunset motif centre circled with organic, swirly ‘rays’, and the intricate, hand-assembled acrylics are set on thin plywood, which means the piece is lightweight and easy to wear. It may be heavily retro styled, but there’s something sharply modern about the finishes and colours of this design that makes it of the moment. Trip out! Part of the Psychedelic Sunset Collection, matching earrings available, handmade in Bristol.

Acrylic, wood, gold plated chain

Chain length 20cm each side + 5cm extension, bib 8.4cm x 4.9cm


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